Location and race courses

The race circuit is designed to enhance the show  of the race, as you will see it goes through  the city center with a two-lap circuit, creating great expectations for the second lap after watching the first. In addition, the race will bring the sport to the city so most locals can watch it. There may be some change in the planned circuit as we are still almost 8 month away from race day, but the planned race is as follows:

Swim Course sketch

Cycling Course sketch

Running Course sketch


This triathlon starts with the swimming section with start and finishing line in the CEAR La Cartuja. This section of the race will take place fully in the river area between the bridges of the Alamillo and Barqueta.

A continuación, para el segmento de ciclismo, la salida estaría en el propio C.E.A.R. de Cartuja y The next section, the cycling segment, will start at CEAR La Cartuja and would run by the Isla de la Cartuja and Calle Torneo. The finish point of this segment will be again at CEAR La Cartuja. 

The last section of the race, running, will run entirely through Alamillo Park. 

Thus, the full course will be as follows: 

Swimming: A triangular circuit within the Canal  Alfonso XIII starting and finishing at  CEAR de Cartuja.


  • Glorieta de Beatriz Manchón
  • Avenue Álvaro Alonso Barba
  • Street Juan Bautista Muñoz (subterráneo)
  • Street Americo Vespucio
  • Rotonda de acceso desde Carlos III a S-20
  • Avenue Carlos III towards Triana to Estadio Olímpico (cyclist will go opposite way direction)
  • Street Francisco Montesinos
  • Street Americo Vespucio
  • Camino de los Descubrimientos (round trip at Pabellón de la Navegación)
  • Once at  glorieta de Ingenieros letf turn again to continue with next lap or go straight to enter CERA from the back side of Hotel Barceló.  

Running: Start at CEAR and finish line at Parque del Alamillo.

Aid Stations 

Swim : Race organizers do not plan any aid stations for this segment

Bike: Race organizers do not plan any aid stations for this segment

Run: Race organizers expect an aid station at the beginning of the running section. In addition expect additional two aid stations at Km 1,5-3-6-9

Start and Finish Line 

The start area is located at C.E.A.R. de la Isla de la Cartuja and the finish area near the Warehouse inside Alamillo Park. 

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